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Baby Anatomy and Progress Checkups

Pregnancy Ultrasounds

Ultrasounds during pregnancy are part of routine prenatal treatment to check due dates, gender, baby anatomy, and can detect early symptoms of conditions and abnormalities.

I’m pregnant. When do I need to get an ultrasound?

Typically, in the first trimester and a second one at 18-22 weeks.

Types of Ultrasound Imaging Available:
3D Ultrasound
  • Can identify congenital anomalies in 18-20 weeks
  • Better diagnosis of fetal face, neural and skeletal tube defects
  • Reduced time for standard plane visualization
  • 3-Dimensional: Sharp image, helps to see baby anatomy, aid in diagnosing birth defects and abnormalities
4D Ultrasound
  • Confirm gestational age and estimated due date
  • Monitor size, position, blood flow through placenta
  • Evaluate movement of the baby
  • Ensure sufficient amniotic fluid
5D/HD Ultrasound
  • 5-Dimensional/High-Definition: Even more defined facial features. Produces a realistic image of your baby.
  • Everything that 3D/4D ultrasounds can do.

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