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Cavitation for Fat and Face

Cavitation for fat and face is a body sculpting treatment resulting in the instant loss of fat cells. A risk-free alternative to liposuction, which is a surgical procedure.

What are the results of cavitation?

Most patients can experience 2-10 cm of reduction of fat after a single session. With each visit, results will increase.

Results may vary according to age, metabolism, tissue structure, medications, and hormonal changes.

Cavitation may improve skin texture, stimulate new collagen production, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Pain-Free Procedure

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The technician will apply a handpiece to your skin. Heat is generated through sound waves and vibrates the layer of fat cells (collagen) below the surface of the skin (dermis), creating pressure, that emulsifies and eliminates fat tissues. The surrounding tissues remain unharmed.

It is pain-free and there is no recovery time.

Procedure takes about 40 minutes

Cavitation for Fat vs Liposuction

Drawbacks of Liposuction:
  • Requires anesthesia and up to 3 weeks healing time
  • Possible blood loss during procedure and related complications
  • Swelling around the affected area after procedure
Advantages of Cavitation:
  • Risk-free, instant loss of fat cells
  • No anesthesia, no scars, no down-time
  • Less costly

Series of Treatments for Best Results

Minimum suggested number of cavitation sessions is about 6-10. Radiofrequency may be used in conjunction with cavitation for non-surgical tightening and contouring of loose or sagging skin over the face and body.

  • Involves a non-invasive, pain-less, high-frequency ultrasound procedure.
  • Converts fat cells and releases the fat cells into the bloodstream through lymphatic drainage.
  • 72 hours must pass between each session, so the body will have time to eliminate the fat.
Cavitation for Face$499.99 $200

One Session

Cavitation for Fat$2999.99 $1000

One Session

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