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Cardiac Ultrasound

Examining the heart and heart chambers and valves. Also known as echocardiography or an echocardiogram.

Who might need a heart ultrasound?

If you have or have had unexplained chest or upper arm pain, a heart attack, a heart murmur, a heart defect, and/or a history of heart disease. Reasons to get a cardiac ultrasound is not limited to the aforementioned. Please consult your physician or call to schedule a consultation with our trained professionals.


Echocardiography vs EKG

Both are tests that help find problems with the heart muscle, valves, or rhythms.

What’s the difference between echocardiography vs. an EKG?
  • Echocardiogram = ultrasound of the heart that provides info on the structure and function of the heart through images
  • EKG = primary purpose is to provide info on the rhythm of the heart
  • Both tests can be used in conjunction to each other.
Cardiac Ultrasound $599.99 $300

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