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Kidney Ultrasound

Also called a renal ultrasound, a kidney ultrasound assesses the size, location, and shape of the kidneys, or to assess blood flow to the kidneys.

Why would I need a kidney ultrasound?

It can detect cysts, tumors, obstructions, infection, abscesses, kidney stones, or fluid collection in the kidney or in the surrounding area. A kidney ultrasound also aids in the placement of needles for a kidney biopsy, to drain fluids, or to insert a drainage tube. A kidney ultrasound may also be used to evaluate a transplanted kidney after the kidney transplant procedure.


Additional Issues Addressed

The kidney is like a filter, removing waste from the blood. The kidney regulates blood pressure and maintains the balance of nutrients in the blood—making the kidney central to many instrumental processes taking place in the body.

Ultrasound imaging is also influential in:
  • Aiding nephrology diagnostics
  • Delivery of renal placement therapy
  • Vascular monitoring

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