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Pelvic Ultrasound

A pelvic exam can be completed using an ultrasound, and is commonly used during pregnancy to check on the prenatal development of the fetus. A rectal ultrasound examines the male pelvis.

What can a pelvic ultrasound detect?

Ovarian masses, chronic pelvic pain (which is caused by endometriosis). A pelvic ultrasound can help spot the early symptoms of endometrial cancer. 

Types of Pelvic Ultrasounds

A Doppler ultrasound may be part of a pelvic ultrasound examination. There are three types of pelvic ultrasound examinations:

  • Transabdominal – Through the abdomen.
  • Transvaginal Through the vagina.
  • Rectal Ultrasound examination of the pelvis for men.
Pelvic Ultrasound$599.99 $300

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