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Small Parts Ultrasound

Examines the testes, thyroid gland, and surrounding neck tissue.

Thyroid and Parathyroid Ultrasound

Can aid in the following:

  • Diagnose thyroid diseases, such as lumps, or enlargement of the gland
  • Detect cysts and whether they are benign or cancerous
  • Identify parathyroid abnormalities in patients with known or suspected hyperparathyroidism
  • Guide needle biopsies
  • Guide insertion of a catheter or drainage device
Testicular Ultrasound

Can aid in the following:

  • Diagnose abnormalities of the scrotum, testicles, and surrounding tissues
  • Investigate lumps in the scrotum, tumors, inflammation, absent or undescended testicle, and fluid collection
  • Evaluate male infertility
Small Parts Ultrasound$399.99 $200

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