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Gone are the days of the fuzzy sonogram photo, and hello to clear imaging of your soon-to-be newborn baby! 

Open Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 6:00pm
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Whether you’re looking for a general checkup, or looking to examine a specific concern, we offer a variety of different ultrasound services including liver, kidney, OB-GYN, abdominal, bladder, and more. 

Open Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 6:00pm

Safe, Effective Non-Invasive Procedures


Cavitation is a body sculpting treatment that uses low-frequency ultrasound energy for pain-free fat loss in targeted areas, including the face. 

Open Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 6:00pm

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Why LA Ultrasound?

At LA Ultrasound Beverly Hills, we foster a warm experience while providing sessions custom-tailed to your needs. Whether it’s through guiding you through your pregnancy journey, or addressing your child’s health and development or your own specific health concerns, we use our expertise, excellent bedside manner, and advanced technology to provide the best experience for our clients.

I’m pregnant. Do I need an ultrasound, and when?

In general, most women receive two ultrasound scans during pregnancy. The first is usually in the first trimester, to confirm the due date and to detect the fetal heartbeat. The second is at 18-22 weeks to confirm anatomy and the sex of the baby. Additional ultrasound sessions may be needed for complications, preconditions, and additional diagnostic tests. 

We provide consultation services

Routine Ultrasounds are Recommended for Preventive Care & General Health

  • General health checkups
  • No recovery times
  • Checkups for the whole family
  • Noninvasive, painless procedures
  • Approximately 20-minute procedure
  • Aids in the diagnosis of numerous concerns

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We understand that ultrasound is a very technologist-dependent exam. Accuracy and quality is reliant upon the sonographers experience and the equipment used. All sonographers employed by Beverly Hills Imaging Services have years of experience in their specialty and have undergone extensive training on the system that they use to provide imaging for your patients. Specific training in patient care and customer service is


Our equipment combines high quality imaging with the latest in digital technology. Experience the ease of immediate imagery and direct reports to your radiologist to facilitate rapid turn-around for final reports. Whether you need service one day a month, after hours, or every day of the week, our staff is available to accommodate your needs.



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